About Women in Engineering

We have incorporated WiE into UConn’s Open Houses. We believe this change in venue will allow young women interested in Engineering at UConn to get a more comprehensive view of what the School of Engineering offers. At Open House, students and families can register for academic and laboratory tours, explore various extracurricular activities, and meet and speak with advisors, faculty, and current undergraduate students.

Students and families can register for the General UConn Open House here: https://admissions.uconn.edu/open-house

After registering for the general UConn Open House, please take a moment to register for your major-specific tour using this link: https://admissions.uconn.edu/open-house/engineering.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support for our programs. We look forward to connecting with future engineers at Open House!

Engineering News

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Nominations Open for 2021 Academy of Distinguished Engineers

In 2021, we mark the 38th year that the School has inducted selected nominees into the Academy of Distinguished Engineers.   We are asking for your . . .

Published: Jan 18, 2021

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Looking To The Netherlands As The Transportation “Gold Standard”

New research from graduate students and faculty members in the Transportation Technology & Society Research Group has identified the Netherlands . . .

Published: Jan 14, 2021

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Senior Design Journey 2021: Using Lung Scans and Algorithms to Diagnose COVID-19, Part 1

Ever since the introduction of IBM’s Watson, companies have been on a voracious quest to use computers and machine learning to help doctors and diag . . .

Published: Dec 23, 2020

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